Imagine a city where every
neighborhood is a vibrant, thriving
place to live, work, and play.

Where every resident has access to quality amenities and every business can flourish. Together, we can make this vision a reality.

If left under-resourced, parts of our city risk remaining overlooked, affecting community spirit,and slowing economic growth. This lack of development doesn’t just impact current residents —it also discourages potential new businesses and families from making our city their home.

Take advantage of redevelopment incentives:

Cleveland Offsite Stormwater Credits

An economic development initiative for the Cleveland Avenue Redevelopment Area

Commercial Property Improvement Matching Grant

Matching grant funding exterior building façade and landscape improvements and more

Rebate Program

For development projects that provide a community benefit, and which demonstrate a financial gap

Home Preservation Program

Homeowners with outstanding code violatons may qualify to have projects/repairs completed by Habitat for Humanity

Residential Paint Program

Single-family and duplex owner- occupied residences paint grant to improve the exterior of their structures

We’re committed to creating a brighter future for our city, and we want you to be a part of it.

Here's how the CRA works:


We pinpoint areas in our city that need development and revitalization.


We ensure these areas continue to thrive with ongoing support and reinvestment.

SINCE 1984

[§ 163.356, Fla. Stat.]

Since 1984, the CRA has managed redevelopment trusts to revitalize blighted areas in the City of Fort Myers. This reinvestment can take the form of public infrastructure, residential and commercial grant programs, public arts, affordable housing development, safety initiatives and historic preservation.

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CRA Board of Commissioners

Teresa Watkins BROWN
Teresa Watkins Brown


Dr. Liston D. Bochette III


Fred Burson


Johnny W. Streets, Jr.


Terolyn Watson


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Kevin Anderson