A key aspect of the CRA’s mission is our ongoing support of a diverse range of projects within our redevelopment areas.

The CRA supports projects that range from a variety of categories: including residential development, commercial revitalization, infrastructure improvements, public art, historic preservation and environmental sustainability.

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Commercial Revitalization

A vibrant commercial sector is key to a thriving community. Our commercial revitalization projects aim to boost local businesses, stimulate economic growth, and enhance the overall appeal of our commercial districts. This includes initiatives such as refurbishment of commercial buildings, support for local enterprises, and the creation of spaces that attract new businesses.

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Environmental Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we support projects aimed at preserving and enhancing our natural environment. This includes initiatives focused on improving water quality, enhancing green spaces, and promoting energy efficiency and sustainable practices.

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Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure is the backbone of any thriving community. We support projects aimed at improving and expanding our community's infrastructure, including transportation networks, public utilities, and recreational facilities. These improvements not only facilitate ease of access and mobility but also contribute to a more pleasant, convenient, and efficient living environment.

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Residential Development

We undertake various residential projects aimed at improving housing conditions and providing affordable, quality homes for our community members. These projects range from the renovation and refurbishment of existing residential properties to the development of new housing units that cater to a diverse demographic.

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CRA projects are carefully planned and executed with the overarching aim of:

economic growth
Improving living
Enhancing aesthetic
Community Spirit

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