Residential Paint Program

The Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency has established a Residential Paint Program to encourage single-family and duplex owner-occupied residences to improve the exterior of their structures, thereby reducing blight conditions and improving the aesthetics of the community with a maximum potential grant available of $5,000 per unit.


The Residential Paint Program was established by the Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to encourage residential single family and 2-unit multifamily owner-occupied residents to improve the exterior of their structures, thereby reducing blight conditions and improving the aesthetics of the community.

Program Overview

The program allows eligible property owners the opportunity of pressure washing and painting an existing building within the redevelopment areas. While residential properties have greater limitations in the CRAs ability to provide assistance, the areas where they may have the greatest Impact are visual impact are eligible. Various owner-occupied grant and/or loan programs which focus on providing funds to homeowners to repair or enhance their homes can be a useful tool in enabling reinvestment. These residential programs produce significant visual impact and enhancement when developed at a neighborhood scale. If developed at a neighborhood or community scale, the CRA can build partnerships or organize larger efforts that may include CRA bulk purchases of paint, contract with labor, and apply for grants and sponsorships. (MLK Redevelopment Plan 2018, pg. 6.4)

Minimum Criteria

  • The structure must be in the redevelopment area.
  • The property shall have no existing code violations and the owner shall not be named in any outstanding code enforcement liens.
  • Single-family and 2-unit multifamily (duplex) owner- occupied properties are
  • Properties listed for sale may not apply.
  • Homeowners will be notified by CRA staff if they are approved for the program.
  • The CRA will work with designated paint contractors for this program.
  • Work must not have started before a property owner is approved for the program.
  • The CRA will directly pay the contractor for the project up to $5,000 for exterior paint and pressure washing.

Properties will only be eligible to receive the Residential Paint Improvement Grant once in a
five (5) year period.

Consideration Factors

  • Visual impact
  • Impact on property values
  • Availability of CRA funds

Application Process

  1. Gather necessary material & documentation
  2. Wait for CRA Approval
  3. Complete work. Submit supporting documents, e.g., after-photos, proof of expenses: receipts, paid invoices

To be eligible for funding through this the program, a project must meet the following criteria:

Ownership: Applicant must be the homeowner(s). Only owner-occupied homes are eligible for
this program.

Location: The project must be located within the redevelopment area. Priority will be given to
buildings or properties which directly front a major thoroughfare.

Type of Residence: Single family and 2-unit multifamily (duplex).

Code Enforcement: Applicants must verify that there are no code enforcement actions
currently active against the Property. The Applicant shall also be subject to all applicable
requirements of the City’s Land Development Regulations for site development in effect at the
time of development.

Property Taxes: Both City and County property taxes must be current.

Incomplete Applications: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Property: The eligible building must demonstrate a need for paint such as fading, peeling, or
chipped surfaces. The Applicant shall also be subject to all applicable requirements of the City’s
Land Development Regulations for site development in effect at the time of development.

Nondiscrimination Clause: The Residential Paint Program shall be available to anyone meeting
the program qualifications, and no one shall be denied the benefits of the said program
because of race, color, national origin, or sex.

The following documents and items must be submitted and/ or completed before the CRA will
consider this application for consideration for funding:

  • Fully executed and notarized copy of the Owners’ Affidavit form, including property
    description and property address. If the forms are prepared and signed by a
    representative of the Owner, a legal Power-of-Attorney document must be submitted
    with the application.
  • Application Link: Residential Paint Program Guide & Application [Paper Copies can be picked up from CRA Office by calling and requesting it]
  • Photos of the exterior of the structure; including Photographs of the front, rear, and
    both sides of the building and Property as they exist today (Photographs must be digital
    and print a minimum of 8” x 10” and must be full frame. The entire building must be in
    the photo that you submit.)

Additional information may be requested from the Applicant.

Eligible Expenditures

  • Pressure Washing
  • Exterior patching to prepare for painting
  • Painting building exterior

Ineligible Expenditures

  • Improvements made before grant approval
  • Interior renovations, including fixtures, equipment, or inventory
  • Professional design services for interior improvements
  • Roof repairs
  • Refinancing existing debts
  • Removal of curb cuts
  • Non-fixed improvements
  • Sweat equity payments
  • Business Payroll
  • General maintenance
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (HVAC, security systems, piping, etc.) Utilities
  • Legal fees
  • Work performed that is not consistent with the Design Guidelines for the CRA according to the Redevelopment Plan and Fort Myers Land Use and Development Regulations or not consistent with the approved project plan
  • Improvements to the following are ineligible for funding: discouraged or prohibited uses, tax-exempt properties, government-owned property, and non-conforming uses

The CRA Board reserves the right to modify or alter the list of eligible and ineligible expenses on
a project-by-project basis.

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Contact the Fort Myers CRA for more information on the Residential Paint Program.