East Fort Myers

Last Updated: March 25, 2024
Centrally located between Downtown Fort Myers and I-75, East Fort Myers is a vibrant community brimming with commerce, waterfront activity, and distinct neighborhoods. Established in 2007, the East Fort Myers CRA is dedicated to revitalizing this historically rich area.


A Blend of History and Opportunity:
East Fort Myers boasts a unique character, where established neighborhoods with deep commercial roots interweave. The area has witnessed periods of prosperity and decline, and recent development pressures have highlighted the need for a comprehensive revitalization plan. The May 2010 East Fort Myers Redevelopment Plan serves as a roadmap for this ongoing effort.

A Community Focus:
While the Caloosahatchee River and Billy’s Creek provide access to stunning waterways, there’s also a focus on creating smaller, neighborhood parks and playgrounds for residents. The improved Tarpon Street Pier and ongoing restoration efforts at Billy’s Creek further enhance the area’s recreational opportunities.

Revitalization on the Rise:
The East Fort Myers CRA is actively working to improve the commercial corridor along Palm Beach Boulevard and breathe new life into the area’s neighborhoods. With a focus on preserving its unique character while fostering strategic development, East Fort Myers is poised for a bright future.

    +/- 1036


    Area Established: 2007

    Most Recent Plan Update: May 2010

    Sunset Date: May 2044