CRA Minutes and Meetings​

At the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), we believe in the importance of transparency, accountability, and community involvement in our decision-making processes. As a part of our commitment to these values, we maintain a detailed record of our meetings and make them available to the public. This page serves as a resource for accessing our meeting agendas and minutes.


Our meeting agendas provide a comprehensive overview of the topics, discussions, and decisions scheduled for each of our public meetings. They offer a preview of the issues and projects that our team will discuss and decide upon. By publishing our agendas in advance, we aim to promote community engagement and transparency in our operations.

We encourage community members to review these agendas to stay informed about our ongoing initiatives and future plans.


Meeting minutes serve as a formal record of the proceedings and decisions made during our meetings. They reflect the actions taken at each meeting and provide an insightful look into our operations, allowing community members to track our progress, understand our decision-making processes, and hold us accountable.

The videotape recordings of the meetings are available for viewing at your convenience.

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