Hilton Tempo

The Hilton Tempo at 2300 First Street will add 140 rooms to the Downtown core area, thereby strengthening the area’s convention capabilities by acting as overflow lodging complimenting the Luminary Hotel and adjacent Caloosa Sound Convention Center. 

The hotel will be located at 2300 First Street on the southeast corner of First and Jackson streets, across from the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, in the Downtown redevelopment area. This eight-story, 77,000 sq. ft. hotel will add 140 rooms to the Downtown area. The developer is FTM Hotel LLC. The hotel project was approved for a $5.57 million tax increment rebate, which will be paid back to the developers over the course of 10 years after the project is completed and is generating additional tax from its projected increase in tax value on the property. CRA Commissioners approved a 95% rebate. In a cooperative agreement with Luminary Hotel & Co., the hotel at 2300 First Street the developer will accommodate hotel guest “overflow” from large conventions held at Caloosa Sound Convention Center.

Commencement Date

September 30, 2023

Proposed Completion Date

December 31, 2024


2300 First St. Fort Myers, FL 33901