Seaboard Waterside Apartments

Seaboard Waterside Apartments

Seaboard Waterside Apartments will be the first project of its kind in the MLK redevelopment area. It will provide needed housing and help to revitalize the east side of Fort Myers.

Seaboard Waterside Apartments, a two-building, six-story, 420-rental apartment complex to be built at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Seaboard Street, was approved for a total CRA tax increment rebate of $11.48 million in July 2019. The project will be built in two phases. The development will have an attractive parking garage built in the center of the development between the two buildings. The CRA Board of Commissioners approved Phase I for a $7.145 million rebate, and Phase II for a $4.335 million rebate. Construction on Phase I is set to begin January 31, 2025 and be completed January 31, 2027. Construction on Phase II is set to begin January 31, 2030 and be completed December 31, 2031.

Commencement Date

January 31, 2025

Proposed Completion Date

December 31, 2031


1550 Seaboard St. Fort Myers, FL 33916


Building plans are being finalized with minor modifications. 5 of 6 building permits have been issued. Commencement projected for 4th quarter 2024 with a 24 month construction schedule.


Currently completing building plans, with minor modifications being finalized. 5 of 6 building permits approved. Approximately $500,000 in fees paid so far.

Commencement is projected for Summer 2024 with 24 months construction time.


Project is in the HUD financing application process and is scheduled to break ground in August 2024.