CRA approves commercial property improvement grants for downtown


CRA approves commercial property improvement grants for downtown

FORT MYERS, Fla. (Jan. 24, 2024) – The Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) recently approved two Commercial Property Improvement Matching Grants for the Downtown Redevelopment Area.

In December, the CRA had announced that due to a high volume of applications, the 2023/24 funding cycle for the Downtown Redevelopment Area was closed. However, the Board of Commissioners approved another $500,000 to add to the Downtown CPI Matching Grant budget. With these two grants, $402,884,80 remains available for funding. 

The first grant was approved for Jay Seidl, owner of The Naples International Film Company Warehouse, located at 2027 Monroe St. in the not-to-exceed amount of $8,475 to install Storm Shutters

The second grant is for John Martin of Bradford Properties, LLC, located at 2247- 2287 First St. in the not-to-exceed amount of $53,043.18. The funds will be used to replace awnings, exterior lights, and an exterior door as well as repair damaged gutters, soffit, fascia and damages to the building portico. 

The CRA Commercial Property Improvement Grant Program is a matching grant for commercial property owners and businesses within Fort Myers redevelopment areas. The maximum potential grant available for a project in Tier I is 75 percent of the total eligible expenditure, with a maximum award of $50,000. The Fort Myers CRA has offered commercial preservation incentives/ grant programs since 2010 and grant awards are based on the availability of funds. 

More information on the CRA’s Commercial Property Improvement Grant Program can be found at


Since 1984, the CRA has managed redevelopment trusts to revitalize blighted areas in the City of Fort Myers. This reinvestment can take the form of public infrastructure, residential and commercial grant programs, public arts, affordable housing development, safety initiatives and historic preservation. 

If left under-resourced, parts of our city risk remaining overlooked, affecting community spirit, and slowing economic growth. This lack of redevelopment doesn’t just impact current residents—it also discourages potential new businesses and families from making our city their home.  Imagine a city where every neighborhood is a beacon of growth and community spirit—a place where residents enjoy sustainable, thriving spaces and businesses benefit from a vibrant economic environment. This is the future we’re creating. The Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency was created in 1984 by the City of Fort Myers, Florida, under Florida Statute Chapter 163. The Fort Myers City Council members, sitting as the Community Redevelopment Agency Board of Commissioners, oversee the Agency’s programs and policies. The Fort Myers CRA office is located at 1400 Jackson Street in the historical downtown River District.  


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