Redevelopment Plans

Click the links below to access Fort Myers CRA Redevelopment Plans

Original 1990 Central Fort Myers Plan (Central Fort Myers Area)

Central Fort Myers Plan 1999 Plan Amendment (Central Fort Myers Area)

Cleveland Avenue Plan (Cleveland Avenue Areas 1-4 - 9 mb)

Downtown Plan (Downtown Area - 90 mb)

East Fort Myers Plan (East Fort Myers Area - 37 mb)

Gardner's Park Plan (Downtown Area - 27 mb)

Midtown Vision Plan (Midtown Section of Downtown & Central Fort Myers areas - 93 mb)

MLK Plan (Dr. MLK, Jr. Blvd. - 13 mb)

Westwood Plan (Westwood Area - 35 mb)

Fort Myers WFPP Vision Plan (Waterfronts Florida Partnership Program (WFPP) - Downtown Area)

Fort Myers WFPP Year 1 Progress Report (Downtown Area)

Fort Myers WFPP Year 2 Progress Report (Downtown Area)



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