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Click the links below to view images; if looking for historic images, maps, or other historic materials, please request an appointment with Historian Jim Powers at IMAG History & Science Center at (239) 243-0043 ext. 201 or jim@theIMAG.org. He is available Thursdays through Saturdays.

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ArtFest Fort Myers

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ArtFest Crowds

Thumbnail Variety of Artistic Offerings

ArtFest Fort Myers

Thumbnail High-End Artwork

ArtFest Art

Thumbnail Hand-Blown Art Glass

Art Walk

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Art Walk Fort Myers

Thumbnail Active Streets

Art Walk Festivities

Thumbnail Dancing Demonstration

Bike Night

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Bike Night Aerial 1

Thumbnail Crowds Enjoy Bike Night

Bike Night Aerial 2

Thumbnail Event View from Above

Bike Night - Twilight

Thumbnail Event for All Ages

Fort Myers Bike Night

Thumbnail Bikes Along First Street

Entering Bike Night

Thumbnail Even Pets Enjoy Event

Car Cruise-In

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Car Cruise-In

Thumbnail Historic Cars Suit River District

Viewing Automobiles

Thumbnail Corvettes on Display

Mid-Century Wonders

Thumbnail Looking Under the Hood

Celtic Festival

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Celtic Festival 1

Thumbnail Credit: E. Pennington

Celtic Festival 2

Thumbnail Credit: E. Pennington

Musicians 1

Thumbnail Credit: E. Pennington

Musicians 2

Thumbnail Credit: E. Pennington


Thumbnail Credit: E. Pennington


Thumbnail Credit: E. Pennington

Downtown Holiday Lights

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First Street Holiday Nite

Thumbnail Looking East from Broadway

Hendry Street Lights

Thumbnail Looking South from First Street

Festive Street - Moonlite

Thumbnail Looking SE from First - Dean sts.

Downtown Holiday Lites

Thumbnail First - Hendry sts. Looking SE

Decorated Hendry St.

Thumbnail First - Hendry sts. Looking SW

Holiday Retail 1

Thumbnail Dean - First sts. Looking S

Holiday Retail 2

Thumbnail First Street Looking N

River Basin Tree

Thumbnail Reflecting Fort Myers City Tree

Blue Sky Tree

Thumbnail Looking SE from River Basin

Sunset Tree

Thumbnail SE Bay Street Background

Tree & Moon

Thumbnail Looking SE from River Basin

Edison-Ford Holiday Nights

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Holiday Nights 1

Thumbnail Edison-Ford Houses

Holiday Nights 2

Thumbnail Edison Home with Colored Lights

Northern View

Thumbnail Caloosahatchee River Side

Caretaker's House

Thumbnail Festive Decor

Heritage Garden

Thumbnail Mrs. Edison's Statue

Garden Shoppe Area

Thumbnail Student-Decorated Trees

Decorated Interior 1

Thumbnail Festooned for the Holidays

Decorated Interior 2

Thumbnail Staircase - Diningroom

Festival of Trees

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Festival of Trees

Thumbnail Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center

Event Overview

Thumbnail Annual Festive Celebration

Holiday House

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Burroughs Home 1

Thumbnail Decorated Exterior

Burroughs Home 2

Thumbnail Entering Holiday House

Langford-Kingston 1

Thumbnail Home from Northwest

Langford-Kingston 2

Thumbnail Entering Historic Home

River District Farmers' Market

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Farmers' Market

Thumbnail Market Overview

Market Shopping

Thumbnail Brittain Produce

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Image Credit & Use Policy

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Except when noted otherwise, all photos were taken by Fort Myers CRA and if photo credit is issued, please use "Fort Myers CRA" on the photo credit line. You are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit, crop, and use the work in both personal and professional creative projects. Attribution is not required although we would be pleased if you do provide photo credit according to the guidelines above if that is your policy. These images are provided for use free-of-charge, however, you can not claim ownership of the image.



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  • …a CRA Area or District?
    Under Florida law (Chapter 163, Part III), local governments are able to designate areas as Community Redevelopment Areas when certain conditions exist. Since all the monies used in financing CRA activities are locally generated, CRAs are not overseen by the state, but redevelopment plans must be consistent with local government comprehensive plans. There are currently 178 Community Redevelopment Areas in the State of Florida. The designation is used by Florida cities of all sizes.
  • …a CRA Agency?
    The activities and programs offered within a Community Redevelopment Area are administered by the Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”). A five- to seven-member CRA “Board” created by the local government (city or county) directs the agency. The Board can be comprised of local government officials and or other individuals appointed by the local government. Although one local government may establish multiple CRA districts, there generally may be only one CRA Board. Each district must maintain separate trust funds, and expend those funds only in that district. The Fort Myers City Council serves as the CRA Board.
  • …a Redevelopment Plan?
    The Community Redevelopment Agency (“CRA”) is responsible for developing and implementing the Community Redevelopment Plan that addresses the unique needs of the targeted area. The plan includes the overall goals for redevelopment in the area, as well as identifying the types of projects planned for the area.
  • …Tax Increment Financing?
    Tax increment financing is a unique tool available to cities and counties for redevelopment activities. It is used to leverage public funds to promote private sector activity in the targeted area. The dollar value of all real property in the Community Redevelopment Area is determined as of a fixed date, also known as the “frozen value.” Taxing authorities, which contribute to the tax increment, continue to receive property tax revenues based on the frozen value. These frozen value revenues are available for general government purposes. However, any tax revenues from increases in real property value, above the frozen value—referred to as “increment,” are deposited into the Community Redevelopment Agency Trust Fund and dedicated to the redevelopment area.
  • …a FAQ Summary?
    CRAs are a specifically focused financing tool for redevelopment. CRA Boards do not establish policy for the city or county – they develop and administer a plan to implement that policy. The CRA acts officially as a body distinct and separate from the governing body, even when it is the same group of people. The CRA has certain powers that the city or county by itself may not do, such as establish tax increment financing, and leverage local public funds with private dollars to make redevelopment happen. The CRA term is limited to 30 years, 40 years if extended. After that time, all revenues (presumably much increased from the start of the CRA) are retained by each taxing entity that contributed to the CRA trust fund.

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